"El futuro pertence a quienes creen en la belleza de sus sueños".Carolyn Gavin.

Scholastic Classroom Resources The Future Belongs POP! Chart Encourage your students to think, dream, and do their best with these inspirational POP!


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Crees que es una cita de flores silvestres de por TalulaChristian

Totally want a tattoo now that just says wildflower! Do You Suppose She's A Wildflower? Alice In Wonderland Quote Print of Original Watercolor Illustration

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Hope for the Medical Community

teach * encourage * instruct * mentor * praise * influence * guide * inspire * Subway Art Poster Print via Etsy.

Printable for kids room - http://www.mediafire.com/view/?c57w257akippsn9#

This gives me an idea for a 100 day poster. Make a umbrella popping off the paper and hang 100 rain drops on strings from the umbrella. Also a few rain drops on the top as well.

So absolutely in love with this!!- Don't let anyone dull your sparkle!!

I want to hang one of these in my classroom. When the students are excited about learning, they have a sparkle in their eyes and that makes me have it also. Take a look at this 'Sparkle' Print by Doodle Art Prints by Doodli-Do's on today!