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Esta es la polilla más grande del mundo, lo mas curioso nunca come

Big moth-er: Butterfly keeper Heather Prince holds one of Chester Zoo's newly emerged Atlas Moths, the largest moth species in the world. The Attacus Atlas Moth found in southeast Asia and Malay Archipelago

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Looking to make beetle bug art? Check out this color wheel of beautiful beetles!

Extraño sentido de la naturaleza del Humor

Mundo de macros - Macro World - - - # Focal Area - - - - - Focal - - Puss moth, Cerura vinula ( Nature’s weird sense of humour) by Igor Siwanowicz


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Birds, Butterflies, and A Bounty of Wings

"I want to love this world like it's the last chance I'm ever going to get to be alive and know it." ~ Mary Oliver Avon has awesome color to match those of mother nature: Beautiful Butterflies, Butterfly, Luna Moth, Beautiful Spring, Flutt

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What Is Your Spirit Butterfly?

There are over species of butterflies in the world and they've fascinated humans since the dawn of time. Take this quiz to find out butterfly you're most like!