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Palo Santo with Intention. $8.00, via Etsy. - fun to do with driftwood/salvaged wood and a wood burning tool with the kids

Each stick is unique and can be etched with whichever intention speaks to you Palo Santo is a tree species native to South America, burned for incense, used in aromatic oils, and indigenous medicine, as well as in the church. Palo Santo means - Holy Wood

Palo Santo Smudge Bundle  Smudging  Incense  Sacred by WitcheryWay

Palo Santo Smudge Bundle Smudging Incense Sacred by WitcheryWay

Smudge Sticks - https://freeplaycraft.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/diy-smudge-sticks-photo-tutorial/

DIY smudge sticks, photo-tutorial

while we were at the farm i also made a few smudge sticks i have enjoyed smudging for a few years since a friend introduced me to the practice, and started making my own smudge last year.

MANTRA: I can start again without fear. - 6mm Tiger's Eye Round Natural Gemstones - 6mm Lapis Lazuli Round Natural Gemstones - Tibetan Silver Snake - (4) Tibetan Silver Rondelle - Commercial Strength,

DEEP PEACE: Lapis | Tiger's Eye | Snake | Yoga Chakra Bracelet

Water Alter by Moondaughter via The Bohemian Collective


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Make your own homegrown smudge sticks with sage and other herbs to purify the air in your home! Great way to use up your herb garden.