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Anastasia doll by Alexandra Koukinova  Biscuit porcelain.  Natural silk atlas, gas, the most thin French laces.  Trimming by beads and by 1000 pieces of Swarovski strasses.   Lacy gloves are made and tightened by hand.   Jewelry are made under the special order in a " filigree" technique   of silver with phianites, quartz and antiquarian strasses.Feathers and flowers are made on unique technique of real silk gas.  Hand painting.  22 inches tall.  One of a kind dress.

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Princess Mary Biscuit porcelain, Chinese silk, gas, atlas, antique silk, laces and beads. A wig of real mohair is made by a professional wig-maker. The lacy umbrella and hat are made under the special order. Hand painting.

Alexandra Gallery creates collection and souvenir dolls: more than 100 designs of textile, clay and porcelain dolls were made for years of existence of the Company.

Prascovia    Prascovia's costume is an ethnographically exact winter costume traditional for peasant woman, of Arkhangelsk Province (second half of the 19-Th century).    Biscuit porcelain, silk, hand embroidery, hand painting.    Limited edition of 125; 22,5“ tall  BY ALEXANDRA KOUKINOVA ART DOLLS  ॐ}*{ॐ

Russian art doll by Alexandra Koukinova, named "Praskovia", in a traditional winter costume of a Russian peasant woman from Arkhangelsk Province, typical for the second half of the century.


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