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Book lover

I was sitting on a comfy chair alone in my living room when i read Dumbledore died. I started crying and had to set the book down for a moment. My dad walked by and saw me crying and asked what was wrong. I blubbered Dumbledore died.

love this author!


The friends that never leave. "I love walking into a bookstore. Its like all my friends are sitting on shelves, waving their pages at me.


"If a book is well written, I always find it too short ~ Jane Austen <-- So true!

I try to tell my momma and sister this..but they just don't understand.

My workout is reading in bed until my arms hurt. Also, pinning in bed until my arms hurt.

I love to read

I love to read ♥ - but. I am a nerd. I am Queen of the nerds.) OK, I am Khaleesi and you better won't wake up the Dragon ;

wait, so i dont need to blend in while walking down the corridor.. uh I mean hallway

"When you get super sucked into a book and during reading breaks, you have to take a moment and figure out what's actually happening in YOUR life, instead of what's happened in the characters' lives.

I'm lucky if I can finish a 200-300 page book in 3 days. Maybe one day this will be me!

Thoughts from a Bookworm: Finishing a 700 page book in 2 to 3 days is a normal thing for me. Other people think that I'm a god or a freak

Its true!

You might not notice this but each character has a distinct "voice" inside your head while you're reading his or her lines. --- True for me.

Just amazing

When you read a book, the neurons in your brain fire overtime deciding what the characters are wearing, how they're standing, and what it feels like the first time they kiss. The words make suggestions, your brain paints the picture"