By Malegria @ Plaza Jordano Bruno, Caballito

Malegria, Rodez and Ene Ene paint park in Caballito

Alice Pasquini - Vitry (FR) by AliCè, via Flickr

Alice Pasquini is an artist multimedia based in Roma : painting, illustration, installations and animation are her main tools to create her poetical and hopeful artworks. Her main subject is femini…

Banksy & the fucking!!! oscar goes to Sir! BANKSY.

Street art by Banksy, Britain's notorious graffiti artist. No one knows who he really is, but his work is amazing.

Batman and Robin Road Sign

Superman news forum discussion on Awesome Batman and Robin sign post! and other superhero related items.

Seriously? I drew a picture like this and thought I was cool for thinking of it...Honest to goodness never seen this before.

There Is Always Hope Balloon Girl by Banksy Canvas Print by Banksy Street Art on

Yoda Loves E.T.

Funny pictures about True love from another galaxy. Oh, and cool pics about True love from another galaxy. Also, True love from another galaxy.

Emotive Street Art For Pure Inspiration

I love life! I love his face, like "i love life, so take that losers!" by STMTS in Athens, Greece