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Uh-Oh Jack's gonna kill you! ~Jelsa ~Hiccup ~How to Train Your Dragon ~Frozen ~Disney crossover

Call it what you will, but I think I was destined to like this movie. Seriously - it came out on my birthday, and it was fabulous. :) YAY!

Love this movie SOOO MUCH! Hmmm I realized that Elsa and Jack Frost could be a couple.

Heyyyy look what I made. Also hiiiiiiii to all.

This is Atlanta. She is and has spring powers. She loves cotton candy what's a sister in her new family. Comment to adopt

She is so scared

Guys I have never understood her powers. She is able to let Frozen water leave her body and she doesn't even get dehydrated. It's just so weird to me.

A beatiful picture of Elsa from frozen with a backround of snowflakes!

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