Idea for marketing yearbook inspired by these tickets - print coupons or 'buy your yearbook' message on paper cut to ticket size. Hand out to students.

Mynt Lounge poster

25 Impressive Flyer Designs Inspiration

circus tickets

This listing is for my LAST 3 fabulous vintage circus paper tickets, circa *One of the tickets is a darker yellow color compared to the

Exciting Custom Event Ticket Designs To Get Ideas From

Exciting Custom Event Ticket Designs To Get Ideas From

Tickets more than sell and present important information regarding an event. They serve as mementos of a wonderful day .

Concert Tickets designed by Stephanie Schmaltz

If you're hosting an event that requires ticket purchase, you can't slack on the design of the ticket. Although your customers likely won't see the ticket until

The art of ticket design: 15 beautiful examples | Graphic design | Creative Bloq

15 inspiring examples of ticket design

I love retro inspired type.

Three great song lyric posters by the Neighborhood Studio, with nice retro lettering and layout. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi Beat It by Michael Jackson NeighborhoodStudio — Products.

Portfolio / Self Promo by Dyla Rosli, via Behance

(Portfolio / Self Promo by Dyla Rosli.) Could be an interesting way to approach a graphic design project-- design a portfolio of your work. (do this in the french fold/cut out folded like a book style with the full page info graphic on one side.