Mademoiselle Maurice–France-

Porto-Vecchio, Corsica - New Rainbow-Hued Origami Street Art by Mademoiselle Maurice

Daniel AIRAM | Memory

Daniel AIRAM | Memory


Urban Origami Installations on the Streets of Hong Kong and Vietnam by Mademoiselle Maurice. Going to Hong Kong in 2 weeks.

Matt McConnell Sculpture

My Idea of visual representation of things moving to sound McConnell Studios, "Momentum." This piece is kinetic. Each piece individually sways, acting like a millipede in motion. With the added impact of the sound of metal, it is fully interactive.

Nychos is a street artist from Austria who creates spectacular, detailed artworks. He “grew up in a little village near Graz (Styria, South of Austria). He calls it the green hell. Born into an Austrian hunter’s family, he saw, at a very young age, things which normal people would consider as cruel and brutal.

Anatomical Murals Street artist Nychos creates large murals showing the anatomical structure of various animals. These works include extremely detailed bone and vein structures, such as the.

Knowledge is freedom: surrealism in Novgorod, Russia Beautiful works by Russian street artist Rustam Qbic. He’s just completed this new mural in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia for the New City.

90-page altered book collage about landscapes by Eileen Schramm

landscapes altered book

altered book collage about landscapes by Eileen Schramm

Escadaria em Beirute, Líbano.

Stunning Staircases: 10 Artist Makeovers That Make the City More Beautiful

I love design that takes advantage of stair edges as they are a fabulous canvas for colour and pattern. Case in point? A beautiful staircase makeover by Dihzahyners, a team of artists and designers "aimed at creating initiatives to make Beirut brig .