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Mini Mobile Printer Glides On The Page To Print

A pocket sized printer that moves itself across the page. So cool - scribe stone/any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

कम कीमत और हाई क्वालिटी, ये हैं तीन लेटेस्ट पोर्टेबल प्रिंटर

Polaroid Zip mobile printer at CES: Prints your cell phone photos in under a minute

Pencil Printer

A printer that uses pencil. No more expensive ink, and its erasable! Cottom here is a solution to the expensive ink we were just talking about.

Fujifilm INSTAX Instant Smartphone Printer - wifi printing + allows text at the bottom, prints facebook, instagram, and phone pictures, and looks like poloroids. $199.

Fujifilm Instax Instant Smartphone Printer

Fujifilm INSTAX Instant Smartphone Printer - Urban Outfitters, great gift idea for Papa

La Fonction Mobile Workstation $1100 #tech #gadget

La Fonction Mobile Workstation - Disguised as a stylish brief, it quickly converts to a pop-up mobile workstation offering privacy for your computer and plenty of pockets.

SAMSUNG GALAXY X: foldable smartphone will be ready as soon as possible land in the market  Foldable screens are here to save the day. Galaxy X will be foldable, but we don't mean "foldable" like your old flip phone

Samsung's flexible OLED displays might become a reality soon on smartphone and tablets. We've seen this in the past with Samsung showing off the technology last

4 Ways to Print Photos Straight from Your Smartphone via Brit + Co. Can i please get this?

4 Ways to Print Photos Straight from Your Smartphone

The iPhone Photo Printer #luvocracy #giftguideit

this is SOOO cool! The iPhone Photo Printer - a compact, portable printer that produces photo quality pictures directly from a docked iPhone 4 or iPod touch. With adapter, works with iPhone Android phones, and iPads

Wireless, glove-like mouse!  I need this it would be so cool and convenient.

Wearable air mouse - The AirMouse avoid repetitive stress injuries from normal mouse use. The Air mouse only works as a mouse when your hands are in flat. - 10 Best New Products That People Don’t Know About

This printer.  It doesn't use ink.  It TANS the paper.  Suntan, tan.  That's so intriguing.

This printer doesn't use ink. It TANS (think suntan) the paper. So intriguing.