Hope Solo

One of my fitness goals for the summer. be like Hope and do a pull up (harder than it seems for me.

"You're always going to survive the pain of loss. I can live with that confidence inside of me." Hope Solo

Soccer, "We all fall; the key is knowing how to rise." Hope Solo- World Champion Soccer Player, USA

Hope Solo - Happy birthday to the greatest goalie on the world u are amazing and we won the world cup this year because of you with out your we wouldn't have made it that far and winning the world cup your teammates have to be so proud of you !!!!! Hope your wishes all came true !!! ❤️⚽️Happy Birthday !!!

US women's soccer team triumph over Japan in World Cup final

Hope Solo                                                       …

Women’s National Soccer Team goalie Hope Solo before recording her shutout with a win over the national team from Sweden at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Conn. on Saturday, July

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Keeper of the USWNT and Seattle Reign FC. Said to be women goalkeeper in the word.<<<<<more like she is the goalkeeper!