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Sometimes... it's better to sit back and watch others hang themselves with their own rope...

it's better to sit back and watch others hang themselves with their own rope.

A man is like a cat. Chase him and he will run. Sit still and ignore him and he'l come purring at your feet.

A man/woman is like a cat, chase him/her and he/she will run. Sit still and ignore him/her and he'll/she'll come purring at your feet.

I don't even think about it as depression and anxiety,  it's just the circumstances in my life right now.

Depression: You're going to feel lonely. Me: Okay, let's talk to a friend at least. Too stressful. You're bothering people and you have pathetic problems. Me: 'kay. *sits there* sadly this is me

so SAD when you have to be such a NASTY, VILE, human being!

I interpret this as pessimism. that person who hates everything under the sun about life. I start to feel that either I need to run, or get a gun.

I know this isn't nice, but it makes me really think of someone nasty.

“It’s called ‘irony’ sweetheart. You know, you tried to make my life miserable, but in the end your life sucks .

And yet you're still shocked! What a poser it must be for someone with the mentality of you.

If you act like an asshole, don't be surprised when people treat you like one

Life change quote

47 Tips And Tricks To Ensure A Perfect Paint Job

Making a big life change is pretty scary. But you know what's eve scarier?

i got this...

I'm not only putting on my big girl panties. I'm putting on my bitch bra, my shit kicker boots and my spiked leather belt with the FUCK YOU buckle. So don't tell me to "deal with it" I got this shit covered.

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