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How to keep her...

You must learn her. What a beautiful all encompassing thought

ShitDamnPiss! hahahahaha I kill plants, but generally with TOO MUCH water. Next time mom gets mad at me for it, i'll just tell her I loved it to death.

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Facing you, loving you and accepting you as you are can be painfully challenging but it's so necessary.

True love cannot be defined by any means. It's a cluster of adjectives; it's crazy, passionate, complicated - but most importantly, true love is real.

True love cannot be defined

It’s that feeling of being inexplicably drawn to another person. Love isn’t about finding someone who you can escape reality with. It’s about finding someone who makes reality worthwhile. Love you my baby!

What road are you on right now?  Does it lead back to me?

People who are meant to be together find their way back, they may take a few detours, but they're never lost. Love this❤

I don't even deserve his attention. I was once all he ever wanted to find out that I am everything he didn't want! Why? I try so hard to be perfect I won't even talk to another man for fear of it being out of line.

Pretty much how I feel about my friendship. I'm just a sad, broken person trying so hard to be good enough for them. But I'm not enough.

YES, this is exactly how I feel when I am with him. ALIVE.

This is so true. Your like the greatest addiction. I never imagined being addicted to anything but I love being addicted to you. Your my soul mind my heart.