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Opalite Class H-17 Cargo Freighter by Lazer Blade, via Flickr

Confession time: I am a very picky man when it comes to appreciating spaceship design. I am also glad I have one of the few forums on Earth where I can say that and not be given a wide berth.

Concept spaceship art by SPARTH

It's friday and it's time for us to start a new inspiring day with a CG Legend Artist, Sparth ( Nicolas Bouvier ) who's recently worked for the Halo franch

Long before their reinvention as an army of conquest, the Sons of Ord were the Allied Guild of Terraformers charged with taming and reshaping dead planetoids and vacant Starlight alike. The lessons of

Ord Buhkep

Warsenal added several buildings designed for Thon to their range: Link: Warsenal


The gladius-class is the workhorse of the Confederate Central Military in my RP. 1050 meters or so in length, capable of atmosphere…