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I  A M  H A V I N G  B R E A T H I N G  P R O B L E M S

[Cole Sprouse] "names Cole. I grew up in a broken home but now I'm moved out. I'm very inverted and I hate talking.

jughead jones , his Adam's apple bobbing up and down is attractive to me for some reason and the slightly narrowed eyes and the curl of hair that just flicks to the side . Oh god

ok so my crush on cole Sprouse is something else. But I've got a separate crush on jughead. Jughead + Cole Sprouse = Heaven on earth

Cole Sprous

*sighs* *shrugs* *flips table**lies on floor* Hey there Space Rangers… Fanfiction

Cole Sprouse

Just a load of hot pics of Cole Sprouse, or Jughead from Riverdale, also shirtless.