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Little Chun-Li

These Realistic Cosplay Costumes Are Creepy Good

Mini Chun Li (Street Fighter) cosplay-so cute! Which reminds me: I dunno why they refer to the friend guy on Pawn Stars as Chun Li, but it always makes me think of Street Fighter.

A true fan of Dragon Ball z. Wouldn't mind dressing my son like that one day.

freak-cl: “ littlebigtrouble: “ Most adorable Goku cosplay ever? “ This kid is the perfect little Goku, this is probably the cutest Goku cosplay I’ve ever seen.

Chung Lee Street Fighter

Chibi Chun-Li I saw this little girl again this year at comic con! The amount of cuteness in this is just to much to handle!

Scooby gang vs. Zombies - weaponized Wow, this is seriously cool.

Zombies – Seriously, they need to make this into a film or something.

Melhor cosplay hehehehe

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yes okay but i don't think anyone has realised that the man behind the smoll child is joHN BARROWMAN!?

copperbadge: “ hriive: “ pokemonperfect: “ If this kid comes back in like 20 years dressed as a massive buff gyarados I’ll eat my shirt ” 😂- tagging to share the mental image ” If that.