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Eye For Design: Decorating Parisian Chic Style

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If they do the Lean, I'm dropping my computer and walking out...I'm done! LoL.  Too Cute!

A circus artist performs with dogs during the opening concert in the new, 2013 season in Ukraine's National Circus in Kiev, Ukraine, today. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky) Question: Do poodles make good pets?

Ringo: I'm not scared of this funny looking green man!

Ringo: I'm not scared of this funny looking green man!

Digital dog--yes, this is a dog. Apparently it's a new doggie hairstyle, the "cubed canine cut." Looks like it's from Japan or somewhere.

Styling Dogs Into Cubes Is a Thing in Japan, Apparently

Dog model for dog grooming competition. Japan Dog Festival 2012 Venue: Tokyo Big Sight This time cut carnival that took part in the event! This contest is trimming contest using the dog body model at school against.

Poodles love to jump rope too!

Photo (2headedsnake)

John Chipperfield and his French Poodle jump roping before Harringay Circus, London, January 1950

Oops, I've see that happen a few times, funny

Ringo the Standard white Poodle demonstrates how to start the "roll on the grass to pick up stinky smells.