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Earth, Water, Air, Fire

Water: our Blood Air: our Breath Earth: our Body Fire: our Spirit Elements

7 elements of human shortcomings

Rework for my book of shadows: Earth, Fire, Water, Smoke, with your power I…

Yes. It is in this I find my confidence. I forget or become too religious or goody two shoes and I become insecure..THIS is who I am.

"You are a ritual. Your breathe is the air of knowing. Your body grounding earth. Your spirit the fire of intention. Your blood the ebb and flow of deep waters emotion. You are a ritual. Never forget you are magic made flesh blood and whole ~ Sacred ~ Ara

Fire: Pyrite, Sunstone and Citrine with Cinnamon bark and Saffron threads in a neutral oil    Water: Aquamarine, Blue Tourmaline and Abalone shell with Lavender in Lavender oil    Air: Quartz Crystal and Opal with Pine needles and tiny Pine cone petals in a neutral oil    Earth: Tigers Eye and Peridot with Rosemary in Rose oil    Spirit: a Herkimer Diamond and Kyanite with wood from Oak, Ash and Hawthorn in a neutral oil.

This set was a special request by an Etsy customer of mine who wanted a 5 Elemental Set for his Coven. From left to right: Fire: Pyrite, Sunstone and Ci.

"The energies of the Earth are the magic that empowers us."

"The energies of the Earth are the magic that empowers us.

We are one with all living things

Something to never forget you are each a unique vibration to this world & I thank you for bringing your magick to it ✨.