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Time for by woah this hit me hard lying in bed when your really tired and just wanting to close your eyes sucks. I don't want to sleep right now because I want to sleep at a normal time tonight but I'm not going to leave my

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I just want to break down . but I can't because i'm too strong or too weak depression quote (bgt) this is the worst! hate this

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"No amount of time can get me passed you. I could live another moment, another month, or millennia from now and it wouldn't make a bit of difference.why did you come into my life to leave it that fast.

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You never know what it's like till it happens to you. you think it won't but TRUST me I thought the same thing and you came along.

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“you're so brave. emotionally exhausted, mentally drained yet you get up each morning and fight. you are victorious, you are strong!" (Just put 'he' rather than 'she' and you've got Frodo)

It is taking me forever to heal and i am scared i never will, because this hurts more than i thought it would, i miss you more than i thought i would, i cant even see you or receive a text without feeling a bit like the wind was knocked out of me. ugh.

Experienced this once. Found out the guy not only held onto his own parachute, but had caught someone else instead and hadn't said so because he "didn't want to hurt me." Glad I broke the bones rather than keep trusting an untrustworthy person.

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I have always been every guys second choice or not even a choice until there first choice doesn't want them it sucks