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I live this artwork with the girl sits nude and caressed by the smoke from the opium pipe

"At Sundown The Tiger" << best title ever! #PulpFiction #Books

pulp book novel At Sundown The Tiger pin up art cover trashy romance

AAvon_Science_Fiction_Reader_No_3 _The Robot Empire,  Vulture Graffix T Shirt Design, http://vulturegraffix.onlineshirtstores.com/

"The Robot Empire" by Frank Belknap Long in Avon Science Fiction Reader no 3

"The Bounty Hunter" by Astor Alexander

Nintendo Games Reimagined as Pulp Fiction Book Covers

imthenic: “ PulpNintendo - The Bounty Hunter by Astor Alexander ” pulp samus poster movie

https://flic.kr/p/eMnixn | 669 Bar Broad

Covers from vintage pulp fiction novels. Found at The Boat Lullabies, Donna Lethal, Pulp Cover Art and Pulp Covers.