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"Bodies With no Regret" is a hilarious instagram-project by Italy-based photographer Sandro Giordano depicts falling people...

Hilarious Photos of People Falling Down by Sandro Giordano

interesting series features pictures of fashion models and regular people falling down on the ground.

Non Uniform Day They Said

Non Uniform Day They Said

NOT so happy meal

McDonald's Happy Meals 1, Pissed Off Mothers 0

Funny pictures about Why so Happy Meal? Oh, and cool pics about Why so Happy Meal? Also, Why so Happy Meal?

Bela Borsodi, Photographer - W Magazine Aging Hair

From completely wild (the front-of-the-face French braid) to the maybe wearable (Anne Hathaway’s three-foot braid) there have been some rather outlandish hairstyles in the pages of W. Here are our most over-the-top hair moments.

“the ramifications of a bold new haircut” redheaded stallion hairpiece by Brock Davis for Esquire Magazine

Amazing Redheaded Stallion Hairpiece

This photo of an exceptionally awesome hairdo was taken by Brock Davis for a piece for Esquire magazine’s Grooming Spectacular: The Ramifications of a bold new haircut - in the October 2011 issue.

This would be creepy as shit to live in a world where an elephants face looks llike this