Magazine: Bambi Magazine #14 Model; Emelie  Photographer: Anton Ostlund #photography

Fashion pictures or video of Emelie by Anton Ostlund for Bambi Magazine in the fashion photography channel 'Photo Shoots'.

Federico Bebber crée de magnifiques portraits sombres, dérangeants et intrigants dans un environnement onirique et surréaliste.

Italian artist Federico Bebber creates these stunning dark & moody female portraits through a creative digital manipulation process, intertwined with smoke

i'm awkward and you're lovely ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring pictures, people, photos, backgrounds, black and white and filler

long exposure photography black and white - This image shows the sense of movement and I pined mostly for the independant unit and to have an idea how to create an image for the moving object theme

CNBC "Childless Not By Choice" A couple's voice...

Mental disorders - Darkness within, Post halloween related stuff on this board thanks r my friend will visit you in your dreams.

I am tormented by my own mind.

I am tormented by my own mind.

Eerie night sky- Happy Halloween!

I just love this pic - the tower/witch hat against the hallowed sky on a full moon night. It reminds me of the Harvest Moon I spent with my love.


Rendered in Daz Studio Advanced and postworked in Photoshop. with a mix of Creature and Nyx morphs and some own morph tweaking. Texture is Nyx. Don& view in full view (too scary ) edit: fi.