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Detail of a batik design from Indonesia - this would be GORGEOUS as an accent in my library with my steamer trunk, Edison pendants and world map art :)

batik cirebon

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Batik Motif Yogyakarta: Batik Winotosastro: Traditional Batik

Batik Winotosastro makes traditional Indonesian batik fabric with only hand-waxing and dyeing methods. Yogyakarta's generation traditional batik makers are proud to pass on our cultural heritage. Discover how to batik in a fun batik workshop.

Batik Cap (pronounced 'tjap' = copper stamped wax resist), Java, Indonesia.

Malaysia 'batik cap,' or block-waxed batik. Stamped batik has been produced in Malaysia since at least the C. Originally, Malays used potatoes and other natural materials as the ‘block’ to carve the batik design into. Nowadays, copper stamps are used