Crochet bird sachets - how-to  attic 24 birds. Lucy gives us so many free patterns.  Go to her attic and donate.  Thank you Lucy

Includes a tutorial Part 1 :: the Flat Circle. This is how you make the main body of the Birdie. Part 2 :: the Birdie Decoration. This is how you make all the other bits needed for this cute little crochet bird.

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Crochet circle of choice. Fold over and Crochet closure. Crochet or embroider on beak. Run crochet chain or other string through birds and bells to create hanging.

Mini Christmas wreaths / Pequenas coroas de Natal | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Mini crochet Christmas wreaths--my grandmother made these, i have some and they remind me of her every year when I decorate my tree! by shmessa

Crochet Boho Hearts Free Pattern valentine inspiration time to display your woolly love