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Pikachu n' Buneary in love 3 by Frank-Seven on DeviantArt

*Little Updated* Final and last of the 3 Pikachu n' Buneary in love. Oh, Pikachu and Buneary fan art he. [Pokemon] Pikachu n' Buneary in love 3

Pokemon Chibis

Bulbasaur w/ strawbery. Honestly, bulbasaur and his evolutions are kool pokemons. This particualr artwork is a very cute version of him. I like how he is holding the strawberry and the little star on his forehead is a cute little addition to his markings.

Pocket Avengers!

The Eevengers, Flareon: Iron man, Espeon: Hawkeye, Jolteon: Thor Leafeon: Loki Vaporeon: Captain America Umbreon: Black Widow And Eevee: Bruce Banner