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This pin is a quote to describe the characters emotions and moods throughout the novel. The characters seem like they are fine when such tragic events happen but really they are in shock . But they show their strength by acting as if they are okay.

REMINDER. This is what Yah wants for me. NEVER settle for less that what He has shown me, let HIM plan and pick because He already has someone in mind and Abba knows best for His girl. Also, I want/need a leader and encourager and what the Word says a man should be, not a brawler, but a gentle, but firm love. Love from a man like Messiah loves the assembly. Who will protect me, accept me and make me the best I can be WON'T belittle my feelings, but shelter them.

This is why I broke a 3 year relationship. I received way less than I deserved. After everything I did for someone I loved so much and got not one thank you in return, it was way past go time.