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"A wise person knows that there is something to be learned from everyone."

Listen To People When They Are Angry, Because That Is When The Real Truth Comes Out


It's always only temporary and it can all change in an instant with a change of your thoughts! Remaining positive and not letting the situation get the best of you, will shorten that hard time considerably!

Frankly, it's my biggest pet peeves. It's one of the biggest problems in this world. Please just don't

Stop trying to "protect" me from getting hurt by lying to me when I know the truth and the lies hurt more than the actual honest truth!

Just do it

I'm just trying to live healthy and get fit as well as laugh a little on the way. This is mostly inspirational and motivational pics and quotes.

How I feel about my love!

If you are Looking for the best soulmate quotes and sayings? below are the best ever soulmate quotes that will help in your life.