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All the money in the world won't change the fact that you are an inadequate, under-qualified joke of a man! Thanks for makjng the entire country scorn fodder!


Drumpf and his parade of fools would like you distracted from the evidence that continues to accumulate against him and Russia.

Unite Against Trumps White Supremist Nazi Agenda! Seriously - compare Trump's policies and racism with Hitler!

20 thoughts that become more true the more you think about them - 9GAG

20 thoughts that become more true the more you think about them

As usual, not one word from the pathetic hypocrites on the right.

The Trump Family is cursed. They are evil people with a lot of bad karma coming to them.


This explains the Republican party in America in It is, though, a sad commentary on a large group of poor White Americans and the people running this evil Republican party.

King of deflecting!

LMAO, WAY TOO FUNNY!) Of all the pins I've seen this week, this one Depicts Trump better than anything I've seen. Nailed it!

Unfriend, Unfollow Whatever....but I want nothing to do with people who cannot or will not see what The Republican Party and this Racist Maniac are doing to Our Beautiful Nation!!!

If you're voting for Donald Trump, please unfriend me. I have lost all respect for you as a thinking and compassionate human being.