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Functional Roles vs Six Sigma Roles

Six Sigma Roles and Responsibilities - International Six Sigma Institute

Lean Six Sigma Framework- details

Business Process Improvement Methodology- Lean Six Sigma Framework

Typical VSM - Lean Six Sigma, Process Mapping

As MBBs, we're often asked by both a SIPOC and Process Map are necessary when they appear to be so similar.

Six Sigma Forumlas

The goal of Six Sigma is to improve your processes (like how to fix variation) and products and increase efficiency. When you’ve gathered your data and start making your calculations, be sure to keep these Six Sigma measures and formulas handy:

Six Sigma Training - https://www.leantrainingonline.co.uk/

There are different levels of and within the Six Sigma system, including the , Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.