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PICTURED: The American dentist who killed Cecil, Africa's most famous lion, with a bow and arrow on $55,000 hunting trip | Daily Mail Online Make this soulless POS s life a living hell. Contact the dental office and voice your outrage! This should not have happened to that beautiful animal!

The American dentist who killed Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe

EXCLUSIVE: A Minnesota father of two is discovered to be the hunter who shot dead Cecil - one of Zimbabwe's most loved lions. His name is Walter James Palmer (pictured on left). Walter James Palmer D.D., 10851 Rhode Island Ave S, Bloomington MN 952

Cecil the Lion and American dentist Walter Palmer who cut off Cecil's  head and took his skin.

Cecil the lion and his alleged killer, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer - US dentist blamed for killing beloved lion in Zimbabwe : boingboing - Jul 2015

American Dentist Walter James Palmer Identified As Cecil The Lion's Killer - YouTube

Asshole, Coward Dentist Walter James Palmer, from Minnesota Identified As Cecil The Lion's Killer .

Really now? What a trophy! So proud of hunting that Lion! -,-

"The German zoo, Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen, sold 3 lions to a South African park that offers murderous hunters, the fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to murder their own on-the-brink-of-extinction lion!

I put this in funnies because I think Melissa Bachman is a joke and the guy who published this made her look like more of an ass :D

There’s no sport in killing a lion like this…

Those that harm animals rarely stop there,!

More like Sociopaths who love to hurt things for their own pleasure. Make no mistake: Trophy hunting is setting wildlife conservation back, and there are better ways to save these animals than by shooting them.