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Butterfly, Album, Wasp, Moth, Animals, Bees, Butterflies, Nature, Butterflies

Butterfly, Wasp, Moth, Bees, Nature, Butterflies

The world is wonderful - Мир прекрасен

˚Butterfly (Helicopis gnidus) ~ now this is just plain CREEPY... looks like a beautiful moth/butterfly being attacked by a horrendous spider of the most horrible kind... talk about your 'beauty and the beast'...

Helicopis Gnidus Butterfly~~this baby almost looks like it has a spider attacking it.

Le meraviglie di Socotra,  l'isola da un altro mondo

Moffett Land snails climb trees on Socotra's arid Zahr Plain to escape heat—and also carnivorous beetles—but then they're exposed to hungry birds.

Lijken wel strikjes onderaan

Black Fairy Hairstreak, spotted in Ghana by dandoucette via Project Noah. This is great black fairy it is from god.