Mountain Haze grows fast, within about 2 years, to around 8 eight feet. It is also about 8 feet wide. Mountain Haze is another good Ceanothus for creating a hedge. It is fast, evergreen, and attractive!

Pictures of easy, simple hedges, wind breaks, and screens. Here are pictures and descriptions of native plants that will work as a hedge in California. Native plants make a very drought tolerant hedge.

Garden symmetrical background | Craig Socia design at Hampto… | Flickr

Craig Socia design at Hampton's home, the symmetrical and repetitive design in the background allows freedom to mix it up in the front.

Lots of color on a steep slope. Over 400 perennials were used in this landscape.

Landscaping Steep Slopes

Perennials above the wall for late summer color and interest. Boulder walls are one of the least expensive types. Shown here are Maiden Grass, Black-Eyed Susan, Sedum 'Autumn Joy' (getting ready to will turn pink) and the low, creeping shr

Fall by the ocean

through the picket fence.A picket fence with the ocean just on the other side, aahhhh!

Leyland Cypress Tree is a fast-growing coniferous evergreen tree with a feathery texture that is soft to the touch.

Murray Cypress--TX privacy tree--very fast-growing and tolerates many soil types

Garden Plans for Cottage Style;    This mix of annuals and perennials is an ideal way to soften a fence and provide months of color and cut flowers. Garden size: 6 by 22 feet.

Garden Plans for Cottage Style

English Cottage Garden Snapdragons, lilies, cosmos, hydrangeas, and other great flowers for cutting will add season-long color to your front yard. Garden size: 6 by 22 feet.