Learn New Stitches on Circle Looms by Anne Bipes: Seed Stitch Spa Set

FREE Loom Knitting Seed Stitch Spa Set for Washcloth and Soapsaver Bag. The link goes to a page seen that has the pattern but you can enlarge it to read.

Loom Knitting PDF book $5.00 Apply the techniques you learned in Getting Started and Additional Stitches. By combining the e-wrap, flat knit, and purl stitches, you can make a variety of stitch patterns that will make your knit items truly unique and attractive. Color illustrations and step-by-step instructions are given for each. These instructions apply to single rake looms, both round and straight.

Featured Season 2 Episode 6 on Pinheads Podcast on the Life:examined Network at Southgate Media Group.