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Kitschy Living

Hasbros Russian Roulette Style Family Game - Pie Face Why oh why didnt this game make it to the present day?

Wacky Packages

we collected these stickers and my sister and I both had overalls, that had wacky packages images all over them. They still make me smile.

Perfect explanation | Likealaugh

Maybe call the cake a civil muffin? Gay Marriage Explained This is actually pretty funny, I'm all for gay rights

Strindberg and Helium (or Strindberg and Rhiannon)

Morose Scandinavian playwright August Strindberg's dark musings are given a hilarious, lighter spin by his unsinkable, joyful floating sidekick, Helium.

Vintage Liddle Kiddles Dress-Up Kit, Colorforms Toy, 1968

Vintage Liddle Kiddles Dress-Up Kit, Colorforms Toy, 1968

Vintage Liddle Kiddles Dress-Up Kit, Colorforms Toy, My Grandma had Little Kiddles books, wow just time-warped

Pie Face Game

‘It’s Pie Face!’: Hasbro’s sadomasochistic kids’ game, 1968

Ryan Gosling - Fabric vs Paper scissors. Something to hang up in my sewing room!

Ryan Gosling Hey Girl- he knows not to use the fabric scissors on paper!

the Big Bang Theory 03x04 - Sheldon and Raj work hard! (HQ) - YouTube. The sound and picture are off half way through . . . but I haven't found a better version yet.

the Big Bang Theory - Sheldon and Raj work hard! (HQ) - Watch Your Favourite TV Episodes

Too true. For humans, it usually starts with the phrase, "Watch This". For dogs it often starts with a ball bouncing down the stairs. Lets all be careful!

Honest Vet Sign

Animal Hospital Humor: It's all fun and games until somebody ends up in a cone. I do not like the Cone of Shame.

Sharpie artist strikes again...

Sharpie artist strikes again...

MARX: 1974 BOP-A-BEAR Game Source: vintagetoyarchive:

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How the devil feels about gay people.  "God doesn't hate anyone, that's kind of his thing!"           --TRUE

How the devil feels about gay people.

"First of all, God doesn't hate gay people. God doesn't hate anybody, it's kind of his thing. God doesn't even hate me. He's disappointed in me, but He doesn't hate me.