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Don't grab the bull by it's horns.

Photos of the Day: Amazing Wildlife Animal Photography. Being patient is one of the most vital key if you want a successful photograph of a wildlife animal

Black Bull.

This is Toro. Toro is the biggest bull ever born. He has razor tusks and strong legs. He is used in rodeo games and killed many daredevil people. He is locked up in a shed in the town.

Reminds me of toddler drawings. Giant heads with arms and legs attached.

Starts off hippo colour,but turns PINK as mums milk is PINK and milk sweats out to act as a natural suntan lotion

Fennec Fox by shaine cartwright on 500px

Fennec Fox by David Shaine on

Iblis (B&W) by Gary Brookshaw on 500px

" "Iblis" by Gary Brookshaw,". He looks so old and tired .though majestic still! Lions are amazing creatures.

Rhino Brothers by Mauritz Janeke on 500px

Mauritz Janeke Rhino Brothers - Very rare to have two Rhinos, so calm and beautiful.