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Love and Light

I like the photo . and who could argue with Maya . God's grace is that light from within . it only shines through our attitude of our human body . let the light shine forth . the world needs the light that God has placed inside you.


{Silent Seas by Elka Frey} Faraday returns to her childhood home and discovers her family's dark secret

WEBSTA @ avkinder - One very difficult mental challenge I constantly face is the curse behind being optimistic or just forward looking in general. It's the ability to cope with things I have no control of or the powers to change. You see, in my mind, I truly believe there is nothing I can't set out to accomplish. I really believe that. It might not necessarily happen the way I want it to, but the end result is always possible. I struggle when things don't turn out in my favor, and it really…

Instagram Post by Andrew Kinder, Photographer (@avkinder)

Beautiful Portrait Photography by Nik Roberts #inspiration #photography

Nik Roberts is a photographer based out of Utah, USA. Nik shoots amazing fashion, beauty and street portrait photography.