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reno210: a penny saved.. is a tile floor

How about making a penny tile backsplash in a kitchen? The person who did this floor said that it took pennies to make 24 sq ft. for her vestibule floor.

kitchen foor covered w/31,140 pennys! All heads up,  all facing the same way ~ LOVE IT!

Penny floors - Saw this kitchen floor made by mosaic artist Amanda Edwards using pennies. Seems like a great idea. I was actually thinking of using this idea fo…

it was really very easy and i love the way it came out.. most people that first see it don't realize that it's pennies.  i like the blend of the different shades of copper that was created from using old wheat pennies right up to bright 2010 pennies.  oh and in case you want to know... it took 3,889 pennies (it's about 3'-8" x 5'-8").  so $38.89 for app. 24 sf of tile is not bad at all.

i knew even before we bought our house that i wanted to put a penny tile floor in somewhere. as in real pennies.

penny floor installation grouting technique

This penny floor installation post shows how to install your penny floor installation, including resources like a penny floor template and grouting video.

Penny floor with historic hex tile!  So sweet !

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The secret of this fireplace's coppery glow? Its inexpensive DIY surround is made of pennies.

Penny Fireplace: A Penny for your thoughts?

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How To Make Copper Penny Flooring In 9 Easy Steps

How To Make Copper Penny Flooring In 9 Easy Steps

A copper penny floor is nostalgic and interactive. Can you find a penny made during the year you were born?