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How to: briad into bun

Why decide between a braid and a bun when you can have both? We turned to our hair guru’s in the studio and they came up with the perfect braid into bun look! Master the sock bun and create chic and easy braid in just a few easy steps.

5 Bouffant Hairstyle Tutorials for a Glamorous Look

5 Bouffant Hairstyles Tutorials for a Glamorous Look

I finally learned how to french braid from this tutorial!!!! Step-by-step Tutorial: how to french braid your own hair!

Lovely I finally learned how to french braid from this tutorial! Step-by-step Tutorial: how to french braid your own hair! The post I finally learned how to french braid from th .



Low hair wrapped across chingnon. Possible graduation styles. This would be nice with a little hair gem to add to the back :)

23 Deceptively Easy Braid Tutorials

23 Creative Braid Tutorials That Are Deceptively Easy! Stuck in a ponytail rut? Keep calm and braid on. It’s an easy go-to hairstyle! Now it has so many variations! Perfect for any occasions!

Find new gorgeous Hair Tutorial looks every day!  I love trying new styles with my hair, so I always turn to hair tutorials on YouTube and the fashion blogs I followed for things I would’ve never thought of on my own. There are so many amazing gurus who will show you how to do these beautiful[Read the Rest]

18 Cute Hairstyle Ideas & Tutorials

Loving this braid!!!! Gonna have to get Mom to play around with my hair if she doesn't yank it out!

Separate the top half of the crown and section off the bottom into a ponytail. Next waterfall the top braid and section that off. Then tease the bottom half putting it into a low ponytail. Last combine the braid into the ponytail.

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Game of Thrones costume? 5 Elaborate Game Of Thrones Hairstyles You Can Do At Home- Daenerys Targaryen

Simple and Nice Hairstyle

Imagine if you are about to attend a party or some special event like wedding and you are short of time to visit hairdresser. Latest Long Hair step by step hairstyles for Girls