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Αρχαγγ__Ραφαηλ _ nov 8 ( The Sacred Images of Marysia Kowalchyk - Madonna House

Archangel Raphael icon

Archangel Raphael icon

Orthodox icon of Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael, patron healing and creativity. Rafael = "It is God who has healed."

Archangel Raphael, patron healing and creativity. Rafael = "It is God who has healed." Saint of doctors

Обряд для лечения болезней с помощью Архангела Рафаила.

Traditional Greek-Orthodox Byzantine icon in canonical iconographic style. You can see icon cases for this Orthodox icon in the Icon cases section.

San Miguel Arcangel

Michael the Archangel Orthodox and Catholic Saint.

Archangel Uriel - I love the icons where he is shown holding both his sword and the flame of God

Archangel Uriel "fire of God" - Russian silk orthodox icon

Portal de Arcangeles: Sabias que por cada cada día de la semana te cuida y un ángel custodio (Sepamos todos que Dios, no deja de velar un solo instante por cada uno de nosotros)

In the Garden and More: Meeting Angels Unawares. A Christmas Story

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Raphael the Archangel icon

St Michael

My Patron Saint, St Archangel Michael

Holy Archangel Raphael - is an angel whose role is that of providing healing to the earth and to its inhabitants, hence his name whose etymology is Hebrew-Rafa’El, and meaning is "It is God who has healed ". He cares for the convalescence of the ill, serves as the unseen guide for those who are travelling diligently with important chores and furthermore he is the protector of weddings and conjugal love.

Who is my Guardian Angel? Padre, messenger of the Angels, reveals the name of your Guardian Angel thanks to his gifts as a psychic.

Αρχάγγ.__ Ραφαηλ       _ nov 8

Icon of Archangel Raphael painted by Marchela Dimitrova

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael

Reze a Quaresma de São Miguel

Reze a Quaresma de São Miguel

Michael the Archangel, leader of God's army of angels.

Mystagogia patrons for 2014-14 | San Rafael-archangel, learning-team's onomastico  [1 of 7 ] Sacrament meme: Matrimony ... >> Germany's "Mary Untier of Knots" image ... >> for Eastern treatment of Tobit story see http://www.pinterest.com /pin/329044316497720517/

St. Raphael the Archangel Prayer Card

jpg image of an icon of Raphael the Archangel, date unknown, artist unknown; swiped off the Wikipedia web site angels-keep-me-grounded

St Raphael the Archangel

St Raphael the Archangel

Saint Raphael, the Healer. One of the seven angels who stand and serve before the Glory of the Lord.”

7 Qt Friday: Angels? Seriously?

Saint Raphael, the Healer. Also a great patron for those with Healer gift markings or anyone needing healing