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The Beautiful Abandoned Higdon Hotel.The hotel was built c. 1890 by Calvin Higdon and was opened until It is located on Childers Creek Road in Reliance, Tennessee.

Staircase In Abandoned château des singes.

Staircase In Abandoned Building. How could a building this gorgeous be abandoned? a universal law should decree all abandoned beauty should be restored before any new buildings are built.


"This old house was once for dancing, This old house once filled with joy. With its beauty so entrancing, Every little girl and boy. Now its halls are filled with darkness. This old house is growing so old.

abandoned...Sobanski Palace in Guzow, Zyrardow Country. Mazovian Voivodeship, Poland

paranormal So many glorious old homes lost to time. When i get my way,il have my old home and il give it some help and some love

urbex les splendides photos de bâtiments abandonnés de Matthias Haker 2Tout2Rien

Germany-based freelance photographer Matthias Haker has a special artistic interest in exploring the architectural nuances of the many abandoned buildings


I've heard it said that if you listen carefully you can hear music in the trees. Suitable for playing Bach.the stuff on tree trunks, not doggy speaks- duh, sorry) Piano Tree, Monterey, California