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diet-rite cola

Lose Those Extra Kilos

Bonbon de cire avec 2 gouttes de liquide surette et très sucré à la fois 2 pour 1 cent.

Wax Bottle candy, bite off the top, drink the juice; then chew the wax til flavor was gone.oh yeah.

I remember when ice cream in these color cones were a really big treat for kids.   Back in those days, kids didn't have as many snacks as they do now...or snack as often.

a special treat: colored ice cream cones! Love that I remember these from my Grandma's pantry back in the

Like we did when I was little

gumdrop tree - Grandmother always had one - I think I should restart the tradition

Turtle bowl back in the day when little turtles could be kept as pets.

A turtle bath! we could buy baby turtles at the pet shop and then you put just a little bit of water in this for the turtle to swim. and in the middle, beside the "palm tree", you'd put the turtle food in there!

Vtg 1960 Plastic Disney Timex Cinderella Wrist Watch Orig Box | eBay

Vtg 1960 Plastic Disney Timex Cinderella Wrist Watch I still have the Cinderella but lost the watch :(

1960S Toys - Etch a Sketch Very popular with both of my kids.

Toys - Etch a Sketch Loved this! Every kid had one of these, right?

Used to serve it in slices so the layers remained intact

Here is real retro food: Neapolitan ice cream. In a brick!

Easy Bake Oven ( mine was pink)

mine was this color. Fantastic cakes baked by a light bulb! I would sit there and patiently watch the light bulb bake my little cakes!

The most fun 50 cents could buy. Years later my parents had the roof redone, and the contractor fished like 60 of these out of the gutters.

the original Super Ball. This ball bounced all the way up to main street. I remember being so amazed.

won at fairs

Stretched Soda Pop Bottles that you could win at the fair. *I still have mine, a bottle I got at a carnival in Texas*

Vintage 1970s Lemon up Shampoo By Toni  by CapricornOneEphemera, $20.00

I loved Lemon Up Shampoo. The smell and the cool lemon shaped top! BTW Vermont Country Store still sells this!