anúncio de cigarro real da década de 50. Slogan: Fumando por dois!

Piores Conselhos VINTAGE que sua mãe já ouviu

This is a negative ad because a cigarette company is trying to influence a pregnant mother to smoke their brand of cigarettes because they taste good and because it will make the baby skinner when it is born.

40 Das Propagandas Sociais Mais Poderosas Que Vão Fazer Você Refletir Muito

40 Das Propagandas Sociais Mais Poderosas

One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them - Guess which one. We won’t sell Kinder chocolate eggs in the interest of child safety. Why not assault weapons? - Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

The Hair Hall of Fame

Vintage ad for the gift of psychokenisis to give you a hairy chest. Hmm, so Chattanooga must be filled with hairy-chested he-men?


Sexual Temperance Spoon for school nurses! I don't remember that in our school but who knows what happened in the office?


༻❁༺ ❤️ ༻❁༺ Zonite (Feminine Hygiene) Because There Is No Excuse For Ignorance Of What To Put In Her Douche ༻❁༺ ❤️ ༻❁༺

Politically Incorrect Advertising - Wall to Watch

"How to measure your wife for an ironing table?" How about measuring your wife for a 9 iron so she can beat you? You try ironing in a skirt, high heels and a stiff hairdo and then we'll see how you like "getting measured for an ironing table!