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Most of the arrivals seem incapable of conversation.they just stare at their hands in despair :P

im going to try this

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Grandchildren ...I can't wait til she's old enough....tear it up, I don't care...fingerpaints...baking cookies....tea parties...dress up...

The Grandchildren Were Here quotes quote family quote family quotes funny quotes grandparents humor grandma grandmom grandchildren! My kids so do this!

Shower thoughts -I like the one about your shadow

Aha I didn’t get the “pushing air out of your mouth” part. but then I realized it meant talking .

25 Pictures That Prove Technology Is Ruining Society - What a wedding?

Ha! Ha! First Sign of Spring: Yep ... It's a ROBIN ... FROM: Is Nothing Sacred?: The First Sign of Spring

A little Bird Nerd humour, courtesy of Bizarro Comics! Robins are a sign of spring - usually slightly smaller than this one.

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Calvin and Hobbes Snowmen - "Why is this snowman looking at a snowball? He's contemplating snowman evolution.