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Doubt i would use this. Bit of a combination of the nice house style feeder and the simple pallet feeder.

slow hay feeders for horses | ... down is the most natural way for horses and provides health benefits

slow hay feeder and another example of a paddock paradise system

My husband found an old dryer on the side of the road and decided to re-purpose it.  The dryer door and frame he used as a hay hatch in our small barn hay mow. Below the hay hole is the drum from the dryer which he mounted on a wooden frame. No holes in the floor for kids to fall through, no place on the feeder for the horse to catch herself or wear her mane off. The dryer drum of course has all of the natural holes in it to vent and let dust, chaf, and water go through. Genius!

Using an old dryer as a hay loft door. Incorporating both safety and recycling.

wooden pallet Horse Feeders Hay | Happily sharing hay that stays dry under the tarp.

Using a round bale net feeder is a useful tool to help save hay and slow down the feeding rate.