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It was one hell of a journey during the fourteen months making Wyoming Wildscapes II, my second and final (maybe not! Had plenty…

Ocean Gravity: Spectacular Footage of Freediver Guillaume Nery Flying through Swift Ocean Currents North of Tahitiby Christopher Jobson on February 2015

I AM DURBAN. This is a time-lapse film on my home city Durban filmed by Kierran Allen & Matt Wilkes. This was exclusively filmed on Nikon SL.

NORWAY - A Time-Lapse Adventure. This is a time-lapse video resulting from a km road trip. The journey has covered all of Norway’s 19 counties, from the far south to the Russian border in the Northeast.

SEE IT: Black-and-white video captures Iceland's beauty

Melancholia is a time-lapse shortfilm shot in Iceland during the summer solstice of using modified infrared Sony DSLR camera. During 12 days I explored and…

Inside you’ll find beautiful ideas for decorating your mantel and fireplace area, your outdoor front porch, and your kitchen and dining area.

Magical New Zealand . have always wanted to travel to New Zealand for as long as I can remember, and so when I decided to move out of my home of 10 years and start pursuing film making around the world, I new the time had come.

DEATH VALLEY DREAMLAPSE 2 by Sunchaser Pictures. (Watch in HD with headphones on and the volume cranked, if you can. Hands and arms inside the cart at all times!

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine This tunnel is actually still used today — trains chug through it three times a day to deliver wood to a factory. It's believed that if couples who are truly in love hold hands and cross the tunnel, their wishes will come true.

Rocket launch

Atlas V Arc of Light: Rocket launched with twin Radiation Belt Storm Probes sent to explore the Van Allen Belts that surround Earth. Astrophotographer Mike Killian took this photo from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida Aug.