Does this look like your #horse when a plastic bag comes into the picture?

Halloween Horror movie for horses: The Plastic Bag That Flapped! This made me laugh :)


So from far away I thought the picture of makeup was a dalek and I got so excited that other girls think about dr who all the time too!

Ah ponies, so obscenely adorable, so incredibly naughty. As evil as they can be, it's hard not to love them just the same-- although I imagine it's a little easier for those who've never been had by one to love them.

of course the possibility still remains that they actually do, in fact, hate their children.

It's soooooo safe!!!!

That is how my horse is. He is a dead-head, and bombproof horse, after he bucks and reads on the lung line.

I'm feeling cranky...

I'm feeling cranky...

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