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zombie insects | The Same Cordyceps Moth From A Better Angle

Who thought that the mutated corpses of hapless bugs could make such enchanting images?

Isaria amoenerosea

Isaria amoenerosea

Fungus covered moth (Cordyceps) | by pbertner

Caribbean life is slow, if you expect organization, infrastructure, etc… well, just don’t. Next day we waited until midday before finally getting our ride. I was eager to get this adven…

Chemical warfare

Mind Control: Gallery of Zombie Ants

Photos of four new species of zombie-ant fungi identified in Brazil reveal the fate of unfortunate ants forced to do the parasite's bidding.

parasitic fungi - Google Search

Codryceps, or “Zombie Fungus” are a parasitic fungus Spores from this killer fungus infect the insect’s brain, and, later, the fruiting body of the cordyceps will erupt from that insect’s head and body.

Typhula erythropus

Typhula Erythropus, Clavariadelphaceae, commonly known as Red Leg Club, found in North America & Europe.

Cordyceps locustiphila.

Are you in the market for an erectile dysfunction natural cure? Here is my take on a mushroom that boosted my sexual prowess to infinity! Cordyceps is the answer.

Clavulina amethystina.....at quick glance this fungi looks like arms growing from the ground!

Like hands coming up from the earth. Clavulina amethystina is a species of coral fungus in the family Clavulinaceae.

Lycoperdon perlatum ejecting spores - commonly known as Puffball mushroom

Purchawka chropowata (Lycoperdon perlatum) ejecting spores More known as Puffball mushroom - step on one of these and dust will shoot out every single step