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Modern Day Arthur. Arthur doesnt quite understand the concept of the postal service yet.

century adventures of Arthur and Merlin AKA texts from Arthur and Merlin

Merlin may have said something or other about not mixing electricity with water, but Arthur can’t for the life of him remember.

My favorite Merlin phone conversation :D :D

Texts from Arthur to Merlin.  :)

I love Merlin - I may have.thrown in a lake. I can just hear him and see his sheepish face.

My new reason for anything that appears to be my fault. "...SORCERY!"<-------- repinning for comment

Texts from Arthur

spiritofcamelot:    psst This lovely person posts more texts from Arthur  http://hogwartsfacebook.tumblr.com/    OMG, could you imagine if Arthur had access to tumblr? We’d all be in the stocks.

Texts from Arthur- Car.

Arthur is trying to learn his way around the 21st century. Merlin helps, laughs to himself, shakes his head a lot, and loves every second because Arthur's back! Too cute!

Arthur texting Merlin (yeah, he TOTALLY meant a toothbrush.

Arthur probably wouldn’t have killed it anyway - he’s a sucker for cute, fluffy things :)    (Sidenote: OOC That rabbit is my actual pet rabbit, who’s name just happens to be Arthur)

Arthur texting Merlin about cooking dinner xD

Texts from Arthur - click through. HILARIOUS. Tumblr

Texts from Arthur -Vacuum cleaner part 1

telemagicvision <---I am totally using that to refer to a TV next time

Merlin has not ended in the US yet.so now I am just ruining the ending for myself.

Only 16 days late, Arthur decided to take decorations to the next level.

If Arthur came back and found out about Christmas lights.

no they have it all wrong.....we all see our best friends like that wen we're about to do something stupid

Merlin x Arthur Merthur

But really, I just want someone like Arthur or Merlin. They both have all the other stuff listed. --Description by DestinyandDoom

things merlin taught me that my future spouse should be.

Funny - Merlin and Voldemort: we can see who the best sorcerer really is…

This is probably my favorite Merlin pin ever. Harry Potter/Voldemort and Merlin crossover

The King Gets a Phone

Arthur texts to Merlin.

There you go then. I love super sarcastic shows, it makes my sarcasm seem lower key and normal haha

"How is punching me in the arm meant to cheer me up?

Funny moment in Merlin! i love their relationship! they are so much like me and my best friends when we talk!

This is my favorite quote from all of Merlin "describe dollop-head in two words" "prince Arthur" - although I love Donkey Arthur's quotes "eeor"