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I was listening to it while I jogged  this morning. #ChristmasInJuly

This is so relatable I can't deal. Yes, I am pinning this in the middle of July while listening to a Pentatonix Christmas album.

All the time!! After one hears Pentatonix's version of a song, you can't go back to the original. Or if you've never heard the original, than you probably shouldn't look it up...

7 Reasons You Should Love Pentatonix

Evolution of Music by Pentatonix is amazing! I love them, especially their medleys & mash-ups!

Evolution of Music - Pentatonix We decided to do. - Evolution of Music - Pentatonix We decided to do a medley of our favorite songs throughout history! It was definitely one of our most favorite projects to work on! Arrangement by Pentatonix and Ben.

I love that cool mafia pic but this is who they really are: our geeky babies forever  #VoteSuperfruit

KIM on

Come on guys, we are literally 50 50 with sabrina carpenter, I know we can do this! Vote for pentatonix!