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Aggie Zed, ceramic and metal

Aggie Zed - Paintings, Scupture, Figures, Scrap Floats Horses Page I love her mixed media drawings--Pamela

Kinetische Spielzeuge 06

Kinetic Rings Mimic the Flight of Birds. Kansas-based metalsmith and jeweler Dukno Yoon creates rings, bracelets, and other devices that mimic the movements of birds by harnessing the motion caused by the flick of the wrist or flexing of fingers.

Handgemachte Fantasielebewesen

Handmade Fantasy Creatures Sculpted by Ellen Jewett Petal deer The Fox’s Curiosity Lady Coyote Octopus with fish Website

Great Quirky Sculpture looks as if a mix of clay+metal (or clay done so well as to look like metal) ♥≻★≺♥